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Columbus - All-In-One Leather Serum | Made in Japan

Columbus - All-In-One Leather Serum | Made in Japan

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原產地: 日本


◆ 將滋潤護理劑搖勻並適量倒在軟布上,均勻地薄薄塗抹在皮革表面;

◆ 待5分鐘後用乾軟布/ 馬毛刷輕刷表面進行拋光。



1. 3-in-1: Cleaning, conditioning, and polishing in one step, providing comprehensive antibacterial and anti-mold protection.
2. Safe plant-based oils: Apply a suitable amount of essence onto a cloth and gently spread it evenly on the leather.
3. Contains beeswax: Maintains the leather's natural suppleness while giving it a subtle and natural shine.


1. Use a soft horsehair shoe brush to remove dust from the surface of the leather.
2. Shake the essence bottle well.
3. Open the bottle and apply a suitable amount of the moisturizing essence onto a soft cloth. Gently spread it evenly on the leather for cleaning, conditioning, and polishing.
4. Allow it to sit for approximately 5 minutes, then use a soft cloth to dry and buff the bag.
5. Apply a waterproof spray evenly to protect the bag.


Country of Origin: Japan

Specifications: 100ml

Expiration: 5 years


1. Some types of leather may be prone to spotting or fading. Perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area before use.
2. Natural ingredients in the product may cause slight discoloration, which is not a quality issue.
3. After use, make sure to tightly close the bottle.
4. Do not consume the product. In case of accidental ingestion, immediately drink water or seek medical attention.
5. Do not use on suede, nubuck, unfinished natural leather, exotic leathers, or fabric.
6. Store in a cool, dry place away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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