FASCINEE Longchamp Bag Organizer Series

Longchamp is renowned for its elegant and minimalist designs. Among them, the Le Pliage series is a classic from Longchamp that is beloved by women worldwide. The Le Pliage Filet features a sleek and fashionable appearance, with a variety of colors to choose from, making it easy to blend with various styles and becoming an essential versatile bag for women. However, it lacks inner compartments, making it difficult to locate items once they are placed inside the bag. Therefore, you need an "Bag Organizer" to keep your items organized within the Le Pliage Filet bag.

FASCINEE provides personalized inner bag organizer tailored for Longchamp handbags, including the highly favored Le Pliage Filet. Handcrafted by seasoned artisans, our bag organiser insert are entirely made in Hong Kong, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship in every detail. Not only do these inserts prevent scratches, but they also offer additional compartments for easy storage of essential items.

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FASCINEE's Longchamp inner bag organizers are meticulously crafted from high-quality velvet sourced from South Korea, delivering robust support to your handbag to maintain its shape. With options of 2mm and 1.2mm fabric thickness, the 2mm variant offers enhanced support, ensuring optimal structure for your handbag, while the 1.2mm version is lightweight and offers a softer touch, catering to diverse preferences. Available in various sizes, you can select an insert tailored to your handbag's dimensions, effortlessly fitting inside and facilitating seamless organization of items, effectively maximizing your bag's storage capacity.

Longchamp Bag Pillow Insert Series

Longchamp handbags are crafted from durable nylon material, known for being lightweight, sturdy, and convenient to carry, but they are prone to deformation and creasing. FASCINEE's bag pillows are designed to prevent creases and sagging in handbags. The PUFF semi-automatic inflatable handbag pillow can adjust its size autonomously, compatible with various handbag models. Made from high-quality materials, featuring a silk fabric cover and a natural antimicrobial protection coating, it effectively combats mold and bacteria, providing perfect support and protection for your handbag.

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