Q: What is the process of purchasing the gift card ?

After you succeed to pay the gift card, we will contact you via Whatsapp or Email to confirm the recipient email. The recipient will receive an email with the gift card code that he/she could copy the code in the Checkout page in order to enjoy the discount.

Q: How fast will an email gift card be delivered ?

After you confirmed the recipient email, we will send out the email with the gift card code to the recipient.

Q: How long is the validity of my gift card?

We allows maximum flexibility for you and your loved ones as the gift card is valid for 24 months after purchase.

Q: How are email gift cards redeemed?

Recipients can copy their claim code and paste it into the text field on the [Discount code or gift card] before clicking [Pay now].

Q: Is gift card one time use?

If there is any remaining balance after the first purchase, the recipient could continue to use with the same code for next purchase. If the remaining of the gift card could not fully cover the order, recipient need to pay with the remaining.

Q: How I could know the remaining balance of my gift card?

You could contact us via Whatsapp / Email for the remaining balance of the gift card.

Q: What if I sent the wrong email address?

The email address can be updated until the card is redeemed. After that Fascinee cannot cancel or re-fund your voucher and the balance cannot be transferred. If the e-gift card cannot be delivered we will notify you to update and resend.