Work Bag Brand Recommendations 2024: Six Recommended Work Bags! Large Capacity! Practical!


Choosing a work bag is an important decision, as it will be used every weekday. Durability, large capacity, practicality, and value for money are all key factors. However, many work bags lack interior compartments, making it difficult to organize the necessary items. For example, if you put a refreshing cup of coffee in the bag without proper support, it is likely to spill. Taking these factors into consideration, Fascinee recommends a combination of a handbag and popular interior compartments to make your work bag more convenient, durable, and capable of carrying everything you need in an organized manner.

  1. Loewe Puzzle Fold Tote

    Puzzle Fold has gained the attention of handbag enthusiasts. Last year, they even released an XL Size, which undoubtedly offers ample capacity. It can perfectly accommodate A4 folders, a 15-inch MacBook, and a 24oz water bottle without any exposure. Puzzle Fold can also be folded, providing higher flexibility and making it convenient for everyday storage. With its neutral design, it is suitable for both men and women.

    Loewe Puzzle Fold Tote

    Price:$26,700 ( XL )

  2. Saint Laurent Bea

    YSL is a popular choice among many working professionals. Although it offers a limited color range, the quality is exceptional. Rose, as the spokesperson for YSL, often accompanies Bea at the airport, exuding a stylish and fashionable aura. As a work bag, it provides sufficient capacity. The BEA handbag is made of 100% deerskin, which gives it a grainy texture. It is more durable than fragile lambskin and less prone to scratches and wear than smooth cowhide. It excels in both durability and practicality.

    Saint Laurent Bea


  3. Celine Horizontal Cabas Handbag
    While Celine has always been popular for its Small Size handbags, they have recently introduced many L Size handbags as well. The designs are understated yet full of character. The handbags feature Celine's classic monogram pattern, with small gold accents as embellishments. The spacious interior can accommodate a laptop, notebook, and the square shape of the bag makes it convenient for organizing items.

    Celine Horizontal Cabas Handbag

    Price:HK$ 19,500

  4. Goyard Saint Louis Tote

    Goyard has become very popular in recent years, with a 95% increase in search volume even without advertising or promotion. Due to their commitment to handmade craftsmanship, there are even cases of the bags being difficult to obtain. The Saint Louis Tote features Goyard's classic monogram pattern and comes in two sizes, PM and GM, offering ample capacity. Unlike other brands, Goyard offers a selection of over 10 colors, allowing you to choose your favorite. The material is moisture-resistant, waterproof, and highly durable.

    Goyard Saint Louis Tote

    Price:HK$ 15,000

  5. Hermes Garden Party 36

    The Garden Party is the most practical handbag in the Hermes collection, known for its simple style and easy versatility. The Garden Party 36 can accommodate A4 documents and features a button closure. For those concerned about weight, the Garden Party 36 also offers a canvas fabric option, making it lighter and more convenient for daily commuting.

    Hermes Garden Party 36

    Price:HK$ 16,700

  6. Chanel 22 Large

    Chanel 22 stands out from other recommended handbags with its unique design featuring leather woven chain, adding a touch of personality to work outfits of the day (OOTD). As a large handbag, it is made with soft leather, making it lightweight. Chanel 22 also offers a backpack style for added convenience, as seen worn by Blackpink member Jennie.

    Chanel 22 Large

    Chanel 22 Large


    Chanel 22 Backpack

    Chanel 22 Backpack

    Popular Inner Bag Compartments / Add-on
    Popular interior compartments are designed to address the lack of organization and storage options in work bags. By incorporating interior compartments into work bags and personalizing the design of these compartments, the bag becomes well-organized, making your work and daily life more convenient. With the addition of interior compartments, you can easily arrange and access your belongings, ensuring that everything you need is in its proper place.

    The add on of Inner Bag Organiser includes bottle holder, zippered pocket set and zippered cover

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